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Complete Dragon Training
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You may be asking yourself if you need Training

Our training helps you make Dragon productive by showing you how to

make Dragon conform to how you work.  It’s the same as teaching a

transcriptionist what you mean when you use a shortcut or abbreviation.

We help you to make Dragon respond correctly to how you want to dictate

to it.

We can train you in any manner you require.  We can teach one-on-one, or

provide group training.  We can customize our training to teach how to use

Speech Recognition with your own "off the shelf" and with custom industry

specific software you use.

Custom Training

The hardest thing about using voice recognition, is remembering the exact

words you have to say, to use and command Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Plus remembering the steps needed to create your own custom


From our 30 years, training users on voice recognition software, we have

refined our Copyrighted Custom Training Materials, that will fully train you

quickly, and efficiently. They will continue to be a great reference, allowing

you fully operate Dragon.

Nobody reads software manuals. That's why we condensed all the

important information, into a series of quick reference sheets. These sheets

are concise, easy to follow, with screen shots and step by step instructions

that lead you through every function of using NaturallySpeaking.

On-Site or Remote Training

We provide you with the option of coming to our offices, or train at your

desk. We can work with you to create custom commands, that control your

programs. This instruction and custom commands, will immediately make

you more productive.

We can also train you remotely, by connecting to your PC over the internet. 

In this way, we can see your screen on our screen. We call you on the

phone, and lead you through your training. Using this method, allows us to

train you at any location, and at any time.

Our students love doing remote training, as being equal to our on site


Over the internet training is just as effective as on-site training. When we

do on-site, we are both looking at the screen, working through the lesson.

With remote training, again we are both looking at your screen, and

working through the lesson by talking over the phone. Instead of our finger

pointing to a spot on the screen, we wiggle the mouse over the section of

your screen we want you to look at.

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