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Dragon Voice Recognition Dragon Medical Practice 4  Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is now Over 20% More Accurate than previous Dragon Medical software The Dragon Medical Practice 4 is 60% More Accurate than Dragon’s Professional version.  Because the Medical version knows the context of what you are saying, as well as the words within your specialty.  By understanding the words and context, Dragon Medical knows what words normally appear before and after the words you dictate, transcribing with better accuracy. Dragon Naturally Speaking for Professionals and for overcoming Disabilities Typing by voice allows you to finish your work 3 times faster.  You can fully control your PC using voice commands.  That further increases your productivity, plus helps to avoid and overcome disabilities.  Dictate from anywhere using a Digital Recorder!  Dragon directly transcribes your recordings. Just Released: Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal version 15.  Click on the Professional Use tab above to read more about this new Dragon releases. We have 30 years of experience helping Physicians, Medical Professionals, Business Professionals, and the Disabled.  We supply and train people on Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Dictate, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium.  We train on-site in San Diego County, Southern California, and train people all over the United States using screen capture programs over the Internet. Contact us: info @ Copyright 2020 A1 Productivity Products. All Rights Reserved. We have helped Physicians, Professionals, and Disabled Individuals fully and effectively use voice recognition. This has included California Hospitals to Sole Practitioners throughout California, in San Diego CA County, Las Vegas, Nevada and across the United States.
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